Impactful candidate sourcing

Cut through the noise. Interactive video hooks qualified professionals more than any other job listing, making it the ultimate sourcing tool for recruiters.

Stand out from the crowd

The first step to candidate sourcing is getting people’s attention. Interactive video helps you differentiate your business.

Set the tone with an introductory message

Make a great first impression—at scale. Wow candidates with a personal, unique message that instantly lets them get to know you and your business.

Let candidates navigate at their own pace

Set up personalized video funnels that let candidates learn more about the role, put faces to future teammates, and ask any further questions.

The candidate sourcing tool that streamlines recruitment

Seamlessly collect data

VideoAsk lets candidates interact in all the ways you need—like uploading their CVs and giving you their contact information.

Pre-screen with async interviews

Embed in an email

Schedule a call

See it in action

Find which job seekers are a good fit without the screening calls using this candidate evaluation form template.